Skills Set v Work Ethic

16th October 2019

When we register a candidate we do our best to not only note their skill set but also gauge their work ethic and personality. This combination is the only way that we can get as close as possible to matching the best candidate with the job being filled, making the client, the worker and us happy

You’d be amazed (…..but then, maybe not……..) at how many people turn up late for a registration appointment without having first called to warn us that that would happen. In an era where mobile phones seem to be glued to our hands some people forget to use them for professional situations. Some candidates are late and do not even apologise on arrival. It is situations as this that ring alarm bells as to a candidate’s work ethic on punctuality, reliability, dependability and professionalism

We always meet candidates face to face before we submit them for any vacancy. First impressions do count and we want to send you candidates that will shine for you too when you first meet them

At registration we ask questions that may shine a light on the candidates’ work ethic. Maybe there are patterns of leaping from job to job. Maybe there are long breaks between each job. Of course, there could be a good explanation which we would be able to explain when submitting a candidate. Having an informal chat with a candidate means that we can discover additional details on types of duties they have dealt with, how they deal with busy workloads, their team working skills, dedication to their jobs, productivity and self-discipline

References can highlight a candidate’s work ethic. We place importance on applying for and receiving references before we introduce a candidate to a client. We recognize that we sometimes need to be open to interpretation of a reference, however, we use it as an opportunity to have extra dialogue with a referee, if we need further details

When a candidate temps for a client we keep regular contact with the client for feedback updates. Feedback is not only passed on to the candidate to help with self improvement but also helps us know how they work

There would be no point in submitting a candidate with an excellent skills set but without the work ethic to put their skills set to good use. People with strong work ethic work by certain principles that forge good work behaviour, leading them to produce high quality work consistently and without the prodding that some individuals require to stay on track. These are the candidates that we always aim to send you

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