Preparing for a job interview

20th September 2019

There you are, your palms are sweaty, your voice is shaky and a job interviewer is grilling you. Here is some help to compose yourself ready for an interview BE POSITIVE First impressions are incredibly important

Be yourself right from the start, turning up the volume on those bits of you that most match the job and turning down the volume on the bits that don’t DON’T LIE It’s not a good idea to lie! You can be judicious with the truth but lies have a tendency to return and bite you on the bum!!! Even if they don’t know you’ve lied you will be giving out signals that are a give-away that something is wrong

POSTURE Being put on the spot can feel very uncomfortable and it’s easy to fall into a defensive posture. Relax. If you’re not sure of answering questions or feel boxed into a corner it’s all right to buy time – including saying ‘I need some time to think about that”

ASK QUESTIONS Have a stockpile of questions to ask at interview and anecdotes of past triumphs. Interview Questions you may be asked: Why do you want this job? Think carefully about this question. Stress the positive aspects, which have attracted you to applying for this position. Do not mention the negative aspects of your current job or the job in question. What qualities do you think will be required for this job? Their advertisement for the job may help you a little bit but you should also think of the other qualities that may be required. These may include leadership ability, communication skills, interpersonal skills, problems solving, analytical skills, etc. What can you contribute? This is your chance to shine!!! Tell them about your achievements which are relevant to the position you are applying for

Why do you want to work for this company? Emphasise the positive reasons why you want to join their company, but avoid aspects such as more money or shorter hours. These would not endear you to a prospective employer. What do you know about this company? This is your chance to impress the interviewer with your knowledge of their company. Give them a run down of their products/services, sales figures, news, company figures, customers, etc. Take your folder of research with you – let them see it which will show them how keen you are! What interests you about our product/Service? Again, your research into the company should aid you in answering this question

Other questions: What are your Strengths? What are your Weaknesses? (always back this up with a positive, i.e., how you manage to overcome this weakness) Why are you leaving your current position? Your Questions: It’s inevitable that you’ll be asked if you have any questions so make sure that you do! During the interview, questions you’d like to ask might crop up. Sometimes, it’s ok to ask there and then. However, some interviewers prefer it if you ask questions at the end. If you find it difficult to remember the questions that arise during interviews take a pen and paper with you and scribble them down for later – this is perfectly acceptable and shown initiative

Good Questions

• Can you describe a typical day? • What training do you offer? • What kind of opportunities are there for the growth in this company? • What’s happened to people who did this job before? • I read about your new product/take-over, of/new order, for/plans to … Can you tell me more about that? • What are the best things about working here? Round off with: - • When can I expect to hear your decision? Bad Questions • How much holiday do I get? When will that increase? • What is your grievance procedure? • When will I get a pay rise? • Has your long-standing dispute over working conditions been resolved? • Do you deserve all the bad publicity you get?

Asking the above questions can leave your potential employer with a bad impression. The purpose of asking questions is to find out all you can about the job and company while looking interested and proactive. Leave any talk about pay and perks until the second interview – or until they make you an offer

And….finally…..though this may sound like a strange thing to say……try and enjoy it! Don’t let nerves get the better of this process. Remember, this is as much about you seeing if the company is a good fit for you as much as the other way around. Try and smile and remember…..this is just a conversation with another person!!!

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