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24th February 2020

We understand that the cost of recruiting permanent staff is something that most employers would like to keep to a minimum. We at Nine to Five have been thinking about how we can help with this and are able to offer a great low cost alternative

Whilst other recruitment agencies may only offer one fee level of permanent recruitment we can offer three levels, enabling you to make huge savings

Here are the three fee level options:

1) RETAINED – 5% of first year salary

You should choose this fee level if you agree with the Exclusive category (option 2) and wish to retain our services and you are serious about finding a member of staff. Payment is due in full and before the search and selection process begins. No refund policy but in the event that neither candidate nor client is satisfied we will replace for free

Exclusions - We want both parties to be happy, but if required we will mediate or replace for free (within the first three months of employment only). The only exclusion is that the client changes their mind and no longer wants the vacancy filled in which case no refund or replacement is due. If the client decides to put the vacancy ‘on hold’ no refund will be made but we will allow the client to ‘open up’ the same vacancy to us within 6 months of contract signed date. From the outset of the contract and job description in full being supplied to us, if we do not think we have a 100% chance of filling your vacancy satisfactorily we will not take on the vacancy or the fee due. This is at the decision of the Agency Manager

2) EXCLUSIVE – 10% of first year salary

You should choose this fee level if you are NOT using any other recruitment sources as listed in the Non Exclusive category and we are your only source of recruitment. We only invoice on satisfactory placement. (See section 3.3 for rebate policy)

Exclusions - You must not advertise the vacancy anywhere else within four weeks of asking us to fill the vacancy. After which time if in the unlikely event that we cannot fill your vacancy in a timely manner (4 weeks) then we can either a) agree a further 4 weeks at exclusive level or agree that you should also use other sources and revert your contract to Non Exclusive level

3) NON EXCLUSIVE – 15% of first year salary

You should choose this fee level if you are also using other recruitment sources (e.g. other recruitment agencies, job boards and any external advertising, social media and in-house recruitment). We only invoice on satisfactory placement. (See section 3.3 for rebate policy)

Exclusions - None

Refunds if you terminate the employment

Should the relevant employment terminate before the expiry of four weeks, the fee will be rebated in full. Should it terminate after the fourth week but before the eighth week, a 50% rebate will be made provided that the Client notifies the Agency within three days of the termination of engagement. From the ninth week no refund will be made. Should the Client or any subsidiary or associated company of the Client subsequently re-engage the applicant within the period of three calendar months form the date of termination, a full fee becomes payable. If you have opted for Retained Level of recruitment no refund will be due but a replacement will be made (within the first three months of employment only)

Maybe you would like to talk to us about which recruitment level suits your needs. If you have any questions please get in touch…….we would be pleased to hear from you

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