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27th March 2020
Specialist Recruiters in East Sussex

We specialise in the temporary and permanent placement of staff in the Catering, Industrial and Office sectors across East Sussex. Catering - Kitchen Assistants/Porters, Housekeepers/Domestics, Cooks, Chefs Industrial - Warehouse Operatives, Pickers & Packers, Production/Assembly Line Office – Reception, Admin, PA’s, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service for example Although these are the kinds of personnel […]

24th February 2020
Low cost recruitment in East Sussex

We understand that the cost of recruiting permanent staff is something that most employers would like to keep to a minimum. We at Nine to Five have been thinking about how we can help with this and are able to offer a great low cost alternative Whilst other recruitment agencies may only offer one fee […]

17th December 2019
How to write a CV

So, you’ve seen a job that so right for you. You really want it. Writing a CV can make you feel stressed because you want to give yourself the best chance to be heard. Especially when they say that over 100 people apply for the same vacancy Imagine you’re the recruiter and you have all […]

2nd December 2019

What is a DBS? The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is part of the Home Office. Organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors use the DBS to make recruitment decisions to identify candidates who may not be suitable for certain work involving children or vulnerable adults or positions of responsibility like law and accountancy We supply staff […]

18th November 2019
Interview Questions

There is only one reason for interviews and that’s to identify the most suitable person for a vacancy. Some questions may seem silly and make you feel awkward by turning up the brightness of the spotlight on you. However, they’re not asked to try and catch you out. Different questions are designed for different reasons […]

5th November 2019
Recruitment - The Old Fashioned Way!

Do you remember the days when a Recruitment Agency would find you the best staff for your business based on matching skillset, work ethic, personality and culture fit? With so many job boards around today and recruiters using them, the personal touch is missing You cannot ‘read’ personality, trust, loyalty and work ethic – it’s […]

16th October 2019
Skills Set v Work Ethic

When we register a candidate we do our best to not only note their skill set but also gauge their work ethic and personality. This combination is the only way that we can get as close as possible to matching the best candidate with the job being filled, making the client, the worker and us […]

20th September 2019
Preparing for a job interview

There you are, your palms are sweaty, your voice is shaky and a job interviewer is grilling you. Here is some help to compose yourself ready for an interview BE POSITIVE First impressions are incredibly important Be yourself right from the start, turning up the volume on those bits of you that most match the […]

26th July 2019
15 Actionable Tips You Can Use To Make Yourself 10x More Productive At Work

Do you work in a 9–5 spectrum? Then you might run into the problem of not finding yourself being productive enough at work. Are different projects stacked up on your desk? Are you struggling to complete the deadlines? Or are you hopping into ten different positions in a day trying to keep up with work? […]

26th July 2019
The 5 people you need in your career

Ever heard the saying ‘It’s not what you know but who you know’? When it comes to supercharging your career, this definitely rings true. Here we look at the five people to surround yourself with who are most likely to help you get to where you want to be. 1 The inspiration Knowing someone who’s […]

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